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A Community Knit Together through Technology


Helen loved to knit. She was part of a knitting group, the Knifty Knitters, where everyone would get together to learn new patterns and socialize together over a mutual hobby. When the pandemic hit, Helen no longer had access to a key part of her social life and a way of connecting with others.

“She was an avid knitter, who also taught lots of people throughout her lifetime,” says Mark, Helen’s son.

In November 2020, Helen joined Circle of Care’s Compassionate Communities program and received a specialized tablet to help her navigate the online world easily. While Helen wasn’t very familiar with technology,  her family helped her troubleshoot any issues, and she started navigating the online world swiftly within a short amount of time.

“This program can be difficult for some, especially for those who aren’t as familiar with technology,” says Devorah Bechimol, Program Coordinator. “But, Helen caught on quickly and navigated through the tablet’s interface successfully.”

Through this program, clients with little to no technology or internet are given an easy-interface tablet to help connect them to the program and other activities. Outside the Compassionate Communities program, Helen was happily able to reconnect with her Knifty Knitters knitting group through online video meetings.

In December 2021, Helen passed away. At her funeral, her son Mark heard about how much of a positive impact being able to connect online had on her knitting group members.

“Two of her knitting group members came up to me and told me how thrilled they were every time my mom would login for the group, and they would go on to tell me funny anecdotes and stories,” says Mark. “It’s a wonderful feeling to know that she was able to connect with others and have a sense of fulfillment during this pandemic.”

Helen’s positive experience is just one of many that Circle of Care continues to receive, as they participate in the Compassionate Communities program.

“Hearing about Helen’s experience, and about other clients’ experiences is really what makes my job fulfilling,” says Devorah. “These stories help us see the kind of impact Circle of Care has on our clients, and it’s just a humbling experience.”

Circle of Care offers a variety of programs and services for older adults living in the community. These programs are offered online or in-person. If you or a loved one are interested in attending one of our programs, visit our Programs and Services page to learn more.