We are here for you.

At Circle of Care, we’re here to listen – and to help.

We listen.

Counselling and support when you need it most.

We provide caring and practical support to individuals and their families so that they do not have to be alone when addressing challenges related to aging. When complex situations arise, we can provide options to help make the right decision.

We provide individual and group support.
Our Social Workers offer emotional support and guidance to individuals dealing with grief, facing abuse or feeling depressed. We are also there to guide family caregivers through the challenges of caring for their loved one.

Services include:

  • crisis intervention and prevention
  • short-term, goal-oriented client intervention & case management, including:
    • assessment of in-home needs
    •  caregiver support
    •  service navigation
    • support accessing about government services, such as drug benefit programs, income support and legal aid
    • advocacy, as appropriate
    •  links to community resources
  • supportive counseling, including:
    •  individual counseling
    • bereavement counseling
    • caregiver counseling
  • support groups

Threatening life changes and life-altering circumstances, such as the death of a loved one, abuse, or financial insecurity can be overwhelming. If you or someone you care about needs immediate help, we can be there for you.

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