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Why We Need Your Support

Our Holocaust Survivor clients have expressed a strong desire to age in the comfort of their homes. Yet, as their health declines, they require more assistance and care.

For many of them, it is hard to leave their homes to buy groceries or prepare meals. They require support getting to medical appointments. Some are in need of assistance with personal care, such as bathing. And many others are isolated, in need of a friendly visitor, someone to check on them or to help them fill out a form for a government or community service. Circle of Care is here for them – but we need more resources to meet their rising needs.

Due to high inflation, the costs of food, gas and care delivery have risen significantly over the course of the last year while funding we receive to provide services has stayed the same.

Help us continue to be there for our Holocaust Survivor clients when they need us the most by donating now.

All donations we receive that are designated for the Holocaust Survivor Services Program will be directed to providing care to our valued clients.