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Happy and Healthy Living Webinar

Join us for a free webinar series with Dr. Shilpi Gupta on happy and healthy living.

Dr. Gupta is a Research Scientist and Science Communicator. She did her doctorate in Cancer Biology. She is the creator and writer for two Newsletters: Science Xplained, where she breaks down the science of different biotech companies and Science Simplified, where she explains and simplifies science in order for the public to understand. She also formed Curious Minds Community to empower common masses with science-backed tools, which they can employ to improve the health of their mind and body.

Registration: if not already a member, contact D. Benchimol at (416) 666-5628.

Feb 9, 1pm-2pm
Science-backed Tips and Tools to Improve Sleep

March 16, 1pm-2pm
Boost Attention & Memory with Science-based Tools

March 30, 1pm-2pm
Tools for Managing Stress & Anxiety

April 13, 1pm-2pm
How to Enhance Your Gut Microbiome for Brain and Overall Health

April 27, 1pm-2pm
How Meditation Works & Science-based Effective Medications


Apr 27 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm