Some people wouldn’t eat if volunteers were not available to deliver their meal.

Helping seniors in our community is a rewarding experience. Hear from a few of our volunteers.

Words from the heart.

Read testimonials from our dedicated volunteers.

“It’s teaching our children and our grandchildren how important volunteer work is, how important the community is and how you have to be part of it and give to it.”

– RUTH, Volunteer

“Being a hospice volunteer is so important to me because the client is the most isolated person of all in the community. The volunteer has to be able to create a genuine friendship that both parties know is going to end within a reasonably defined period of time. It means making a difference in that person’s life at a time when they so desperately need it and cannot usually find it anywhere else.”

– HAROLD, Hospice Volunteer

“Some people wouldn’t eat if we didn’t come. And in some cases I think the people that go to the door are the only visitors they might get. It’s a light in their day when nothing else might happen. It is emotional when you see people who really need you.”

– ELAINE, Volunteer

“Get involved. It’s an hour of your day – once a week, twice a week. Whatever time you have. It’s a good sense of accomplishment and I recommend it to anyone who’s looking to give back to the community and connect with individuals.”

– MIKE, Meals on Wheels Volunteer

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