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Supporting our PSWs During the Pandemic

COVID19 has changed the way we work in homecare and we are here to support you as an essential worker.

Digital Interviewing

Our Human Resources team is ready to connect with you through ZOOM. Video interviewing allows you the flexibility to connect from the comfort of your home while maintaining our distance.

Digital Onboarding

Our learning for new PSWs is completed online and allows flexibility to do at your own pace. Although we can’t gather in person we are still committed to setting you up for success in your new role. This e-learning includes agency policy and procedures, scope of practice information as well as the supports and resources available to you. You will have an opportunity to connect with new peers through ZOOM and start to build your Circle of Care community.

Government-Funded Wage Subsidy

As a government funded agency, Circle of Care PSWs receive an additional $3/hour temporary wage increase for service hours.

Wellness Supports

All PSWs have access to our Employee Assistance Program which support the mental health and well-being of our employees. The program is accessible through personal and work devices and offers 24/7 trained counsellors, self-guided training and modules and health and well-being resources and tools. In addition, our Perks program allows you to earn cashback and access to discounts for online purchases at brands like Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Home Depot, Best Buy and Lululemon.

PPE Training

Effective use of Personal Protective Equipment is more important than ever. Our PSWs are provided IPAC training and the required supplies as mandated by Public Health to ensure safety for all client visits.

Join us as a Personal Support Worker at Circle of Care!

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