COVID-19 Vaccines: What Older Canadians Need to Know

There are many questions and misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccines, how they came to be, and what they mean for your personal health. Click on the link below to find answers to your questions from our Sinai Health partners.

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Vaccine Information for Clients

The Ontario government is currently in Phase 2 of its vaccination efforts. This includes vaccinating residents born in 1961 or earlier (aged 60+) at mass vaccine clinics, as well as residents aged 55-59 in pharmacies throughout the province. Some GTA health units and hospitals are also vaccinating a wider range of people in hotspot areas.

Two-Dose Vaccination Moved to 16 Week Schedule

The Ontario government recently announced that it is shifting to a population health-focused approach for the Covid-19 vaccines to get more people vaccinated with first doses earlier. As such, effective Wednesday March 10th, as directed by the government, all second dose vaccinations are being rescheduled to ensure 16 weeks between the first and second doses for everyone. Please be reassured that the extension of this second dose will NOT impact vaccine safety. The change is based on existing evidence and experience that there are high levels of protection provided by the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Ontario-Wide Registration System

The Government of Ontario has put in place a search page where you can determine whether you are eligible for the vaccine right now, as well as how you can register for an appointment. Click on the link below, where you can search by postal code and be directed to the registration system for your area.

Booking a COVID Vaccine Appointment
A vaccination being prepared with medication being drawn from a syringe.