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Webinar: No Thanks, I Had a Shower Yesterday

Resistance or refusal of personal care is a common tread in community supports for older adults. This presentation answers questions to resistance and provides current therapeutic strategies-based caregiver approach, environmental factors, and practical adaptations to personal routines.

• Know “why” resistance to care may be happening
• Learn approaches to support personal care routines

Presented by: Tracy Wong, Behaviour Support Education Facilitator with LOFT

Tracy Wong is a Recreational Therapist with 8-years of programming experience and 13-years of sports coaching. Her experience lies with working in multi-levels of government sector (schools, hospitals, long-term care centers, social housing, and homelessness). She is an expert and compassionate in developing innovative treatment plans for individuals with serious mental illness/psychiatry and older adults with responsive behaviour.



Jul 26 2022


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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