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Advance Care Planning Webinar

Talking About What Matters Most to You and to Your Loved Ones – Advance Care Planning in Ontario

This talk will be facilitated by two physicians leading Advance Care Planning (ACP) initiatives in Toronto and give an overview of provincial tools to help you and your loved one(s) plan for your future health care needs. We’ll discuss tips on how to best address your wishes with your care teams, address the roles of specialist, primary care, and palliative care with respect to health care decision making, and ensure you have tools to help ensure your care matches your preferences and wishes.

Dr. Warren Harris Lewin, MD, CCFP (PC)
Site Lead – Palliative Care at the Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network
Medical Director – Kensington Hospice

Dr. Ebru Kaya, MB BS, MRCP(UK), CCT (Palliative Medicine)
Palliative Medicine Program Director, Division of Palliative Medicine, University of Toronto
Clinical Palliative Care Fellowship Co-Director, University of Toronto
Site Lead, Toronto General Hospital, Department of Supportive Care, University Health Network


Apr 07 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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