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Why Choose Circle of Care?

We are a community based non profit agency that has been providing safe, reliable, and high quality care since 1974.

Many families that want to purchase care at home for a loved one consider hiring private individuals rather than working with an accredited home health care organization.  A poll by the Ontario Home Care Association (OHCA) in 2010 showed that 65% of respondents either were unaware or unsure as to the risk inherent in directly hiring an individual to provide care.  By working with a home care organization such as Circle of Care, families can obtain some respite, feel confident their loved on is with a trained individual, and have more time to spend time with their family members.

At Circle of Care, we are deeply committed to high practice standards and achieving excellence in all aspects of service.  We are a proud member of the Ontario Home Care Association and we are accredited through Accreditation Canada.  We have many measures in place to safeguard clients and their families.

These measures include:

Careful Selection
All of our staff are qualified caregivers who have received proper training. Every individual who works at Circle of Care has been screened through reference and criminal background checks, and all professional qualifications and certifications have been verified.


Strong Supervision & Education
Our Client Service Supervisors, all of whom are regulated health professionals, work with families to develop a plan of care. We provide ongoing education and training to all of our staff so your care is backed by the understanding that you are getting care that is on the leading edge of industry practices.

Fair Labour Practices
We ensure that all our staff are fairly compensated and provide labour protection as required by law.

Diligent Financial Reporting
Circle of Care is a non-profit agency. We are therefore required to comply with the strict rules set forth by the Canada Revenue Agency. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who, together, represent a diverse rage of leadership experience, and we conduct business in ways that are fiscally responsible while keeping costs to our clients as low as possible.

Responsive Scheduling
We know that care needs can change frequently. Our office is open from 7:00am-8:30pm, 7 days a week. We are able to increase or decrease services on short notice and can cover unexpected personnel absences assuring continued service. We work with you and your family to ensure that you are receiving the right level of care that you need.

Staff Liability Coverage
All our staff members are covered with appropriate worker compensation insurance to ensure staff and clients are protected, especially when care giving tasks include lifting, transferring or bathing.

Just like any other service you purchase, the decision to purchase care should be made carefully. Circle of Care is the perfect choice for families seeking home health care, as we are a full-service agency that provides high quality home health care and community support services.

For more information, please call 416.635.2860 or e-mail info@circleofcare.com.

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