Client and Family Caregiver Advisory Council

Strengthening the voices of patients and families in their own health care planning is one of the tenets of Ontario’s Patients First legislation. Since 1974, Circle of Care has been continually innovating services and supports to help keep older adults out of hospitals and long-term care facilities, allowing them to live more comfortably and independently at home. As we continue to evolve, we are proud to look to our recently launched Client and Family Caregiver Advisory Council (CFAC) for feedback, perspective and collaboration.

What does the council do?
CFAC will advise and make suggestions regarding services and programs offered by Circle of Care. It will ensure that the needs and priorities of clients are understood, considered and integrated into the work of Circle of Care, both at the point of care and at the corporate level.
The council will consider issues and concerns that are relevant to all or a specific group of clients and families, and employ a person-centered care model when providing advice. The group will also provide input on educational materials for clients and families, including falls prevention, as well as the client and family role in safety, infection prevention and control, and medication management.

Who is eligible to join?
CFAC advisory positions are open to those who have been clients, family members of clients, or caregivers who have received services from Circle of Care within the past three years, and who are currently not employed with Circle of Care, or by the client/family.

How often are meetings held?
Prescheduled meetings will take place quarterly (every three months) at Circle of Care’s head office (4211 Yonge St.) for a maximum of two hours per meeting.

What support is provided to caregivers who wish to join CFAC?
Support is available and will be provided for CFAC advisors to attend meetings, including PSW respite services, transportation, and/or reimbursement for parking/public transportation.

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